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What is a Habitat ReStore?

ReStore is a resale business that sells new and used building materials and home improvement items to the general public. All materials are donated by local retail businesses, building contractors, suppliers and individuals, and are made available for sale to the public at 50% to 90% below retail prices.

All donations are tax deductible, and all proceeds go back to the local Habitat for Humanity Affiliate to build houses for families in our community.

Why Have a ReStore?

The profits help support the Habitat For Humanity Affiliates, so they can build simple, decent, affordable housing.

How Your Support Helps Families

Decent, affordable housing dramatically changes a family's life:

  • The cycle of poverty is broken
  • Health, physical safety and security improve
  • Educational and job prospects increase
  • A sense of stability and dignity grows
  • Money is freed up for other essential needs

On The Blog

Habitat for Humanity Annual Report

Every year Habitat for Humanity International compiles statistics from Habitat affiliates all over the globe.  The total amount  of houses built, repaired or worked on by Habitat for Humanity affiliates around the world topped 120,000 this past year.  Here in Cleveland County we built one house from the ground up and rehabbed two houses to move families into.  We are currently about halfway through two more houses in Norman.  Next up, things are really gonna get going as we hope to build 10 new houses in the damaged areas of Moore.  Check out the annual report here:

Habitat ReStore Mission Statement

What the heck is a ReStore anyway?

Well, a ReStore can be many things.  It is a thrift store, hardware store, appliance store, furniture store, recycling center and volunteer destination.  It is also a store that has a direct impact on the well being of the community it serves.  To wrap it up in a bow and put it in a mission statement:

A Habitat ReStore is a home goods store, open to the public, that supports the services provided by its local Habitat for Humanity affiliate. The income generated from the ReStore goes specifically toward expanding and supporting the home building program of the local Habitat affiliate. The ReStore recycles overstocked, discontinued, new, and used building materials donated by manufacturers, stores, contractors and individuals. These donated items are sold to the public or used in construction of Habitat houses. All revenue from sales of these materials goes to the local affiliate in support of its building program.

Other benefits of having a ReStore in your community are that it supports the low income community by providing inexpensive building materials and home goods to the general public. The ReStore also promotes local recyclilng and reuse just by it's very existence. By donating to the ReStore you are keeping usable material out of the landfill.

When you shop at the ReStore, everybody wins!